Chaotic Creatia is a substance native to the Planes of Oblivion, responsible for creating and recreating Daedra physical bodies after their banishment into the Void.


Daedra, who lack the Anuic animus known as the "soul," is not killed when its body is destroyed. A Daedra slain upon Mundus is merely "banished" back to its plane of origin, where its morphotype, or "vestige," gradually forms a new body, so that eventually the Daedra lives again. (This happens as well when a Daedra is slain in its native plane of Oblivion.) Daedra are formed from the very stuff of chaos, the "creatia" of Oblivion, a shapeless but energetic material that accretes around a vestige (formation of the body around the essence) until it conforms to the morphotype's inherent pattern. Chaotic creatia takes a different but planar-appropriate form in every realm of Oblivion.[1] For example, Dremora of the Deadlands have black, red or reddish black skin color, while the same species in Coldharbour have cyan skin color, matching the environment of the realm.


It is assumed that every plane of Oblivion have its own form of chaotic creatia, but currently two are known. In Coldharbour, it is represented by blue, icy water named The Azure Plasm. In the Shivering Isles, Golden Saints and Dark Seducers bases Pinnacle Rock and Brellach contains Fonts of Rebirth.