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The Chapel of Dibella is located in Anvil. The book 2920, Frostfall (v10) is in the central bedroom of the Chapel Hall. There is also the book The Adabal-a in the Chapel Hall.

Differences with Knights of the NineEdit

When Knights of the Nine is installed, large splotches of blood are on the floor in front of the front door and the rest are in disarray. Laralthir's body lies on the floor next to the pews, and a hanging light has fallen to the floor next to her. One of the pedestals at the main altar has been knocked over, and the viper's bugloss and flax lie on the ground.

Dumania Jirich's body is lying in the middle of the altar. The Ayleidoon runes written in blood on the floor around the altar read "As oiobala Umarile, Ehlnada racuvar" which The Prophet will tell you is Ayleid for "By the eternal power of Umaril, the mortal gods shall be cast down". The altar of Dibella in the southwest corner is burning, and Trevaia's body is on the floor here, as well as another hanging light.

Selene Duronia, a "replacement" for Trevaia, can be found here after the Knights of the Nine questline is completed, and in the Chapel Hall Amragor can be found in what was Laralthir's bedroom. Her bed is now available for any member of the Nine Divines faction to use, as are the beds in what were Dumania Jirich's and Trevaia's bedrooms.


As part of the Knights of the Nine plug-in, these quests involve the Chapel of Dibella:


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