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Chapter 4 is the fourth mission in the main story line of of The Elder Scrolls: Legends. It is part of act 1.


The Dremora's words unnerved the hero. They journeyed north to meet Laaneth, a sorceress friend of Tyr's well versed in Daedric matters. But the road ahead was far from clear.

Opponent DeckEdit


  • Each time you lose a rune, you gain a card.
  • Charge cards can be played immediately.


  • Using Fireball (unlocked the previous level), is a good way to clear the board, particularly after Bandit Ambush has been used.



There are two possible outcomes for this.

There is a choice in this quest. At the end, you can choose to either spare the bandit (who in return promises to lead the hero to their treasure).

CHOICES regarding bandit:

  • Spare : Gain Steel Scimitar - Item. (+2/+2).
  • Execute: Gain Execute - Destroy a creature with a power of 2 of less.

Other RewardsEdit