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Chapter 6 is the sixth mission of act 1 in the main story line of The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Kellen: "They chose to avoid the roads. But of course, the wilderness has its own dangers."


  • The cards with a Guard ability can significantly help in this battle.


Opponent deckEdit

Special conditions: "Both lanes in this battle are Shadow lanes. The cover of night conceals the wolves. You can't attack them until they show themselves."
Tyr: "Keep your guard up, or these wolves will tear us apart from the shadows."



Kellen: "Once they dispatched the beasts, they heard a whimpering sound. Under a nearby bush lay a cowering wolf pup."
Isha: "Did they take it in?"

There is a choice in this quest. At the end, you can choose to either adopt the wolf pup or abandon it.

Kellen: "Yes. They believed it would grow into a strong companion."

Kellen: "No. Thay had seen how dangerous these wolves could be."

Chapter RewardEdit


  • The Forgotten Hero can not choose the deck at this point.
  • The player's starting deck contains 47 cards and is called "Band of Survivors," while the deck of Wolves has only 30 cards.


The game introduces the gameplay mechanics of Shadow Lane and Support cards in this chapter:

Shadow lane: "Creatures played to a Shadow lane gain Cover for a turn. Creatures with Cover can't be attacked."
Support: "Support cards, once played, are permanent and provide ongoing benefits."