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Chapter 5 is the sixth mission in the main story line of of The Elder Scrolls: Legends. It is part of act 1. The opponent is Wolves.


They chose to avoid the roads. But of course, the wilderness has its own dangers.

Opponent DeckEdit


  • The Cover of night conceals the wolves. You can't attack them until they show themselves.
  • Tyr: Keep your guard up, or these wolves will tear us apart from the shadows.
  • This battle introduces the Shadow Lane, in which creatures placed gain Cover for one turn, and cannot be attacked.
  • Support Cards, once played, are permanent, and provide ongoing benefits. (Divine Conviction)


  • Guard cards can significantly help in this battle.

End SpeechEdit

  • Kellen: Once they dispatched the beasts, they heard a whimpering sound. Under a nearby bush lay a cowering wolf pup

Isha: Did they take it in? (Choice):

    • Adopt: Snow Wolf – Wolf Card (+2/+0) while you have the most creatures in the lane.
    • Cast out: Cast Out – Action Card
    • Prophecy: Unsummon a creature. (This card removes a card from play and puts it into its owners hand).