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Characters are NPCs in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. They come in two varieties: static and dynamic. Static characters give quests, while dynamic characters spawn every day to walk around cities.


Characters can spawn with a variety of names.

Breton namesEdit


Agrane, Agrard, Agrastyr, Agristair, Agristyr, Agrore, Agroryan, Agryctor, Agryn, Agrynak, Agryrick, Agryval, Agrywyr, Alabane, Alabard, Alabastyr, Alabistair, Alabistyr, Alabore, Alaboryan, Alabyctor, Alabyn, Alabynak, Alabyrick, Alabyval, Alabywyr, Andane, Andard, Andastyr, Andistair, Andistyr, Andore, Andoryan, Andyctor, Andyn, Andynak, Andyrick, Andyval, Andywyr, Bedane, Bedard, Bedastyr, Bedistair, Bedistyr, Bedore, Bedoryan, Bedyctor, Bedyn, Bedynak, Bedyrick, Bedyval, Bedywyr, Dunane, Dunard, Dunastyr, Dunistair, Dunistyr, Dunore, Dunoryan, Dunyctor, Dunyn, Dunynak, Dunyrick, Dunyval, Dunywyr, Edwane, Edward, Edwastyr, Edwistair, Edwistyr, Edwore, Edworyan, Edwyctor, Edwyn, Edwynak, Edwyrick, Edwyval, Edwywyr, Gondane, Gondard, Gondastyr, Gondistair, Gondistyr, Gondore, Gondoryan, Gondyctor, Gondyn, Gondynak, Gondyrick, Gondyval, Gondywyr, Mordane, Mordard, Mordastyr, Mordistair, Mordistyr, Mordore, Mordoryan, Mordyctor, Mordyn, Mordynak, Mordyrick, Mordyval, Mordywyr, Perane, Perard, Perastyr, Peristair, Peristyr, Perore, Peroryan, Peryctor, Peryn, Perynak, Peryrick, Peryval, Perywyr, Rodane, Rodard, Rodastyr, Rodistair, Rodistyr, Rodore, Rodoryan, Rodyctor, Rodyn, Rodynak, Rodyrick, Rodyval, Rodywyr, Theodane, Theodard, Theodastyr, Theodistair, Theodistyr, Theodore, Theodoryan, Theodyctor, Theodyn, Theodynak, Theodyrick, Theodyval, Theodywyr, Tristane, Tristard, Tristastyr, Trististair, Trististyr, Tristore, Tristoryan, Tristyctor, Tristyn, Tristynak, Tristyrick, Tristyval, Tristywyr, Uthane, Uthard, Uthastyr, Uthistair, Uthistyr, Uthore, Uthoryan, Uthyctor, Uthyn, Uthynak, Uthyrick, Uthyval, Uthywyr


Barbabyth, Barbanna, Barbara, Barbausa, Barbayne, Barbolda, Barbona, Barborya, Barbyn, Barbyna, Barbyrrya, Barbyssa, Barbyvyra, Belladabyth, Belladanna, Belladara, Belladausa, Belladayne, Belladolda, Belladona, Belladorya, Belladyn, Belladyna, Belladyrrya, Belladyssa, Belladyvyra, Carolabyth, Carolanna, Carolara, Carolausa, Carolayne, Carololda, Carolona, Carolorya, Carolyn, Carolyna, Carolyrrya, Carolyssa, Carolyvyra, Chrystabyth, Chrystanna, Chrystara, Chrystausa, Chrystayne, Chrystolda, Chrystona, Chrystorya, Chrystyn, Chrystyna, Chrystyrrya, Chrystyssa, Chrystyvyra, Elabyth, Elanna, Elara, Elausa, Elayne, Elolda, Elona, Elorya, Elyn, Elyna, Elyrrya, Elyssa, Elyvyra, Elyzabyth, Elyzanna, Elyzara, Elyzausa, Elyzayne, Elyzolda, Elyzona, Elyzorya, Elyzyn, Elyzyna, Elyzyrrya, Elyzyssa, Elyzyvyra, Evelabyth, Evelanna, Evelara, Evelausa, Evelayne, Evelolda, Evelona, Evelorya, Evelyn, Evelyna, Evelyrrya, Evelyssa, Evelyvyra, Gwynabyth, Gwynanna, Gwynara, Gwynausa, Gwynayne, Gwynolda, Gwynona, Gwynorya, Gwynyn, Gwynyna, Gwynyrrya, Gwynyssa, Gwynyvyra, Lysabyth, Lysanna, Lysara, Lysausa, Lysayne, Lysolda, Lysona, Lysorya, Lysyn, Lysyna, Lysyrrya, Lysyssa, Lysyvyra, Morgabyth, Morganna, Morgara, Morgausa, Morgayne, Morgolda, Morgona, Morgorya, Morgyn, Morgyna, Morgyrrya, Morgyssa, Morgyvyra, Vannabyth, Vannanna, Vannara, Vannausa, Vannayne, Vannolda, Vannona, Vannorya, Vannyn, Vannyna, Vannyrrya, Vannyssa, Vannyvyra, Vyctabyth, Vyctanna, Vyctara, Vyctausa, Vyctayne, Vyctolda, Vyctona, Vyctorya, Vyctyn, Vyctyna, Vyctyrrya, Vyctyssa, Vyctyvyra, Ysabyth, Ysanna, Ysara, Ysausa, Ysayne, Ysolda, Ysona, Ysorya, Ysyn, Ysyna, Ysyrrya,Ysyssa, Ysyvyra


Ashcroft, Ashfield, Ashford, Ashham, Ashhart, Ashhouse, Ashing, Ashsley, Ashsly, Ashsmith, Ashston, Ashton, Ashwing, Buckingcroft, Buckingfield, Buckingford, Buckingham, Buckinghart, Buckinghouse, Buckinging, Buckingsley, Buckingsly, Buckingsmith, Buckingston, Buckington, Buckingwing, Coppercroft, Copperfield, Copperford, Copperham, Copperhart, Copperhouse, Coppering, Coppersley, Coppersly, Coppersmith, Copperston, Copperton, Copperwing, Gaercroft, Gaerfield, Gaerford, Gaerham, Gaerhart, Gaerhouse, Gaering, Gaersley, Gaersly, Gaersmith, Gaerston, Gaerton, Gaerwing, Greencroft, Greenfield, Greenford, Greenham, Greenhart, Greenhouse, Greening, Greensley, Greensly, Greensmith, Greenston, Greenton, Greenwing, Hawkcroft, Hawkfield, Hawkford, Hawkham, Hawkhart, Hawkhouse, Hawking, Hawksley, Hawksly, Hawksmith, Hawkston, Hawkton, Hawkwing, Hearthcroft, Hearthfield, Hearthford, Hearthham, Hearthhart, Hearthhouse, Hearthing, Hearthsley, Hearthsly, Hearthsmith, Hearthston, Hearthton, Hearthwing, Kingcroft, Kingfield, Kingford, Kingham, Kinghart, Kinghouse, Kinging, Kingsley, Kingsly, Kingsmith, Kingston, Kington, Kingwing, Mastercroft, Masterfield, Masterford, Masterham, Masterhart, Masterhouse, Mastering, Mastersley, Mastersly, Mastersmith, Masterston, Masterton, Masterwing, Moorcroft, Moorfield, Moorford, Moorham, Moorhart, Moorhouse, Mooring, Moorsley, Moorsly, Moorsmith, Moorston, Moorton, Moorwing, Wickcroft, Wickfield, Wickford, Wickham, Wickhart, Wickhouse, Wicking, Wicksley, Wicksly, Wicksmith, Wickston, Wickton, Wickwing, Woodcroft, Woodfield, Woodford, Woodham, Woodhart, Woodhouse, Wooding, Woodsley, Woodsly, Woodsmith, Woodston, Woodton, Woodwing, Yeomcroft, Yeomfield, Yeomford, Yeomham, Yeomhart, Yeomhouse, Yeoming, Yeomsley, Yeomsly, Yeomsmith, Yeomston, Yeomton, Yeomwing

Redguard namesEdit


Redguard names tend to be radiant syllables connected by an apostrophe.


Camaron, Greklith, K'avar, Lhotun, Provlith, Thaik, Vhosek


Akorithi, Aubk-i, Charvek-si, Dh'emka, Whitka

List of Static NPCsEdit

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Name of Character Race Gender Location Quests
Blacksmith (Fighters Guild)
Brisienna Magnessen
City Guard
Doryanna Flyte


Name of Character Race Gender Location Quests
Gortwog gro-Nagorm
Healer (Temples)
Helseth Hlaalu
Hermaeus Mora
Hero of Daggerfall
King of Worms


Name of Character Race Gender Location Quests
Lord Bridwell
Medora Direnni
Mehrunes Dagon
Melius Kane
Molag Bal


Name of Character Race Gender Location Quests
Questgiver (Fighters Guild)
Questgiver (Temples)
Spell Maker (Temples)
Spell Vendor (Temples)
Summoner (Temples)
The Underking
Trainer (Fighters Guild)
Trainer (Temples)


  • Redguards living in High Rock often have Breton names.


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  •  PC   Male Bretons will occasionally spawn with female names.
  •  PC   Characters may spawn on top of each other, and become unable to move.