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The following is a list of characters that appear in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.

Dawnguard membersEdit

Fort DawnguardEdit

Dayspring CanyonEdit

  • Ollrod – A Nord male vampire hunter.
  • Tilde – A Nord female vampire hunter.
  • Vori – A Nord female vampire hunter.


Volkihar ClanEdit

Castle VolkiharEdit


Other major charactersEdit

Vigilants of StendarrEdit

Snow ElvesEdit


  • Jiub – The soul of Saint Jiub, vanquisher of the winged menace.
  • Morven Stroud – The soul of a famous merchant damned to the Soul Cairn.
  • Souls – Various lost souls found throughout the Soul Cairn.


  • Gort – A maritime pilot found on the Windhelm Docks.
  • Harlaug – A maritime pilot found on the shores of Dawnstar.
  • Jolf – A maritime pilot found on the Solitude docks.

Minor charactersEdit

Generic charactersEdit

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