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Skelos Undriel, a character in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey.

For other uses, see Characters.

The following characters appear in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey. The list is sorted by where each character first appears.

Azra's CrossingEdit

Main article: Azra's Crossing


Main article: Dragonstar (Shadowkey)


Main article: Snowline

Delfran's HideoutEdit

Main article: Delfran's Hideout

Broken WingEdit

Main article: Broken Wing

Earthtear CavernsEdit

Main article: Earthtear Caverns

Loth'Na CavernsEdit

Main article: Loth'Na Caverns (Shadowkey)

Raider's NestEdit

Main article: Raider's Nest

Twilight TempleEdit

Main article: Twilight Temple

Crypt of HeartsEdit

Main article: Crypt of Hearts (Shadowkey)

Ghast's PassEdit

Main article: Ghast's Pass


Main article: Dragonfields

Stout's Trading PostEdit

Main article: Stout's Trading Post

Lakvan's StrongholdEdit

Main article: Lakvan's Stronghold

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