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  • 000BFB09 (COAL)
  • 00033760 (CHARCOAL)
0.5 WeightIcon
Base Value:
2 GoldIcon
Type: Misc
FormID: 000BFB09 (COAL)
00033760 (CHARCOAL)

Charcoal is a miscellaneous item found in Skyrim, found as a small writing stick. It can be bought from merchants or found in houses and dungeons, usually as a random item in dressers and chests. Commonly it is seen next to rolls of paper.

Aside from a single Thieves Guild quest (Hard Answers), or making an Atronach Summon Scroll at the Atronach Forge, it has no other known significance.

There are two miscellaneous items named "Charcoal", a stick version, and a chunk version. The chunk version is notably harder to find than the sticks, as merchants don't sell it and it appears in but a few static locations, such as Bristleback Cave. However this version, unlike the sticks, has no known use.


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