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Golden Touch (Achievement) Charity of Madness
AmuletJeweled O
Same as Jeweled Amulet
FormID See table

The Charity of Madness is an enchanted amulet given to the Hero in the quest A Better Mousetrap.


Level Base Value Weight Enchantments Apparel ID
1-6 1100 GoldIcon 0.4 WeightIcon Resist Fire 7%
Resist Frost 7%
Resist Shock 7%
7-14 1600 GoldIcon 0.4 WeightIcon Resist Fire 10%
Resist Frost 10%
Resist Shock 10%
15-24 2100 GoldIcon 0.4 WeightIcon Resist Fire 13%
Resist Frost 13%
Resist Shock 13%
25+ 2600 GoldIcon 0.6 WeightIcon Resist Fire 16%
Resist Frost 16%
Resist Shock 16%


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