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Chasing Shadows is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Prophet and the Vestige are seeking a way to rescue Sai Sahan, the Redguard who hid away the Amulet of Kings, and so The Prophet has called them to the Harborage.


Chasing Shadows is the same for all alliances. However, the closest city will change based on the chosen faction.

Aldmeri DominionEdit



Daggerfall CovenantEdit



Ebonheart PactEdit



Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Go to the Harborage
  2. Talk to the Prophet
  3. Investigate Daggerfall, Vulkhel Guard, Davon's Watch
    1. Speaking to the locals has shed some light on where the agent might be localy.
  4. Enter the cellar
  5. Search the underground chamber
  6. Talk to Abnur Tharn
  7. Return to the Harborage
  8. Talk to the Prophet
  9. Talk to Lyris
  10. Complete the quest


The Prophet has heard whispers of fear in Coldharbour. He wants the Vestige to find the agent of the Worm Cult that everyone is afraid of and kill them. He wants them to speak to the locals to find out the exact location of the agent. Then return to him with any personal effects they carry with them.

Aldmeri Dominion:
Mehdir in Vulkhel Guard saw an Imperial man by the lighthouse. Talking to Diranor reveals the man is looking for the local burial grounds. Inside the lighthouse, the Vestige finds a suspicious cellar.

Daggerfall Covenant:
When in Daggerfall, find Maxelle near the Millworks who claims to know everyone in town and noticed an Imperial "vagrant nosing around." Talking to Husynia, found in The Rosy Lion, will reveal the Imperial is probably staying on the south side of town. Inside Vachel's House, the Vestige finds a suspicious abandoned cellar.

Ebonheart Pact:
Okeeh noticed an out-of-towner mucking about in the abandoned stable, last night. Feduria Llaren recalls an Imperial fellow, tall, brusque, rather boorish. He pushed her while she was haggling at the market. Scurried off toward the east end of town when I tried to have words with him. The investigation leads to a mysterious cellar in the abandoned stable behind the blacksmith building.

Orb of Discource

Orb of Discourse

Inside the cellar is Aldmion, who is using the Orb of Discourse to speak with Abnur Tharn. However, Severinus Falco arrives and interrupts their conversation. Abnur however will not recognize them and after some conversation the Vestige learn he knows where Sai Sahan is being held but he refuses to tell them where, as he fears Mannimarco's wrath if he does.

The Vestige takes the orb to the Prophet, who will use it to find Sai Sahan. Lyris calls the Vestige over, and they realize that Tharn might join them if they could convince him.



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