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Goat cheese wheel

Goat Cheese Wheel

There are several types of cheese that can be found throughout Skyrim. If consumed, cheese wheels and wedges offer a small amount of health. When approaching giant camps, there are usually mammoth cheese sacks that allow harvesting of mammoth cheese bowls. Elsweyr fondue is a food dish that can be created by cooking ale, an eidar cheese wheel, and moon sugar together at a cooking place.

In the writings of Uncommon Taste by The Gourmet, it specifically mentions cow's cheese as a main ingredient for the dish Sunlight Soufflé. "Grate the cheese into thin shavings by running a finely honed elven dagger over the block." -Uncommon Taste

When using the Wabbajack, a known side effect replaces enemies with random amounts of various cheese types.

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