"It's like this whenever I arrive in a new city. Everyone wants one of my cakes. That's why they call me the Wizard of Whisking, you know. I wonder if anyone here received one of my rare cake vouchers? Those lucky netches are in for a special treat!"
―Chef Donolon[src]

Chef Donolon was a Breton chef who can be found in either Daggerfall, Davon's Watch or Vulkhel Guard depending on which faction the Vestige joins.


Chef Donolon was part of the The Elder Scrolls Online two year and three year anniversary event quest "Ache For Cake" that became available after acquiring the free Jubilee Cake Voucher from the Crown Store between April 3–12, 2016, and April 4–18, 2017.


Ache For CakeEdit

To redeem this voucher and receive your special cake, look for the chef and his bakery barge in the ports of Vulkhel Guard, Davon's Watch, and the Harbor District of Daggerfall. We guarantee it will be delicious!