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For other uses, see Chef.

Chefs are characters who either have the chef skill, or are officially chefs or grocers by profession. Chefs are typically found in cities and settlements, where they often sell their items either in stalls or over-the-counter.

The following is a list of chefs in The Elder Scrolls Online:


Name Race Gender Location
Afareen Redguard Female Hollow City
Alskar Nord Male Riften
Angwe Altmer Female Stormhold
Azalil Khajiit Male Seaside Sanctuary
Barnaxi Argonian Male Dhalmora
Begnaud Breton Male Aldcroft
Bizinda Khajiit Female Kragenmoor
Braghul Orsimer Male Marbruk
Burzgrag gro-Bugurz Orsimer Male Dragonstar
Chef Freki Nord Female Royal Bazaar
Chef Neetizei Argonian Female Haj Uxith
Coquina Plouff Breton Female Shornhelm
Denskar Earth-Turner Nord Male Bleakrock Village
Duzal-ja Khajiit Male Rawl'kha
Egeria Nord Female Belkarth
Elarie Two-Spoons Altmer Female Haven
Eranwen Altmer Female Skywatch
Erelruin Bosmer Female Longhaven
Ergrod the Cook Nord Male Jorunn's Stand
Favel Dunmer Female Shad Astula
Fenlil Altmer Male Port Hunding
Fertab Redguard Male Windhelm
Firuin Bosmer Male Woodhearth
Fishcatcher Khajiit Male Mistral
Galdas Indrano Dunmer Male Eyevea
Gentle Waters Argonian Female Nimalten
Grushbub Orsimer Male Vulkwasten
Haina-daro Khajiit Female Temple of the Crescent Moon
Hazad Khajiit Male Woodhearth
Heralbor Bosmer Male Karthdar
Hilan Khajiit Male Western Elsweyr Gate
Himela Chow-Master Nord Female Northpoint
Hizala Khajiit Female Vulkhel Guard
Hroi Banner-Torn Nord Female Bleakrock Village
Kazbur the Wanderer Khajiit Male Dragonstar
Kigum-dar Khajiit Male Redfur Trading Post
Leobois Viliane Breton Male Wayrest
Lienanarth Bosmer Female S'ren-ja
Lily Bordier Breton Female Hoarfrost Downs
Littrek Earth-Turner Nord Male Bleakrock Village
Logru Orsimer Female Koeglin Village
Mathis Uveran Dunmer Male Davon's Watch
Matilda Lemonds Breton Female Alcaire Castle
Minaelion Bosmer Male Haven
Mokhul Orsimer Male Northern High Rock Gate
Mongoth Bosmer Male Cormount
Nongiruin Bosmer Male Elden Root
Razzaq Redguard Male Port Hunding
Rothondothrin Bosmer Male Firsthold
Sadis Dunmer Male Tal'Deic Fortress
Sandor Breton Male Stonetooth Fortress
Shashara Khajiit Female Woodhearth
Shasirba Khajiit Female Rawl'kha
Slatild Nord Female Ebonheart
Smauk the Stewmaster Orsimer Male Crosswych
Soreheels Khajiit Male Kozanset
Stokes-The-Flames Argonian Female The Gray Mire
Uranyon Bosmer Male Sarandel's Carnival
Xavier Breton Male Daggerfall
Zerdesht Redguard Male Sentinel

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