"Would you be so kind as to move along? You're disrupting the current."

Cherishes-Water is an Argonian residing in Seyda Neen on Vvardenfell.


Breaking Through the FogEdit

Sergeant Delms sends the Vestige to Cherishes-Water to learn more of the shipwreck.


Were you here the night of the shipwreck? Did you see anyone near the lighthouse that night?: "So direct, you are. It makes my tongue wither and the answers dry up in my mouth. Go and bother someone else with your questions."

[Intimidate] The deputy governor can ask you instead: "No! There's no need to involve the governor's deputy. Or the house guard. When they start breating [sic] [Do not change this to breathing. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] down my neck, my scales shrivel right up! I did notice someone near the lighthouse that night."
Who did you see near the lighthouse that night?: "You keep asking the wrong question. I did not see anyone that night-I felt them! They made ripples in the water. I felt them stop by the tree that overlooks my pond. Then they moved off, toward the lighthouse. Look to the tree, moist one."
And you never bothered to check out the tree?: "I prefer my waters to remain still. Calm. Prying causes ripples, and ripples lead to more dry questions."


  • "Do you mind? Your dirty foot coverings are contaminating my pond." —Cherises-Water when you first meet her.