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Cheydinhal is a city in eastern Cyrodiil and the capital city of County Cheydinhal.


Second EraEdit

Main article: Cheydinhal (Online)

In the 582nd year of the Second Era, Cheydinhal was in a rebellion against members of the Imperial Legion.[1] The outcome of this rebellion is unknown.

Third EraEdit

Main article: Cheydinhal (Oblivion)

During the Oblivion Crisis, Cheydinhal was ruled by Count Andel Indarys.[2] The city of Cheydinhal was under threat of an Oblivion Gate and the son of the count, Farwil Indarys, went into the gate with the Knights of the Thorn in an attempt to close it.[3] The Hero of Kvatch may have closed the Oblivion Gate outside to gain Cheydinhal's support for Bruma, which was preparing for an attack by a Great Gate.[4]

Fourth EraEdit

In the year 4E 40 the flying city of Umbriel passed Cheydinhal. Cheydinhal was nearly surrounded by Umbriel's undead hordes, when the residents and its guards abandoned the city and retreated to the Imperial City.[5] During the Great War, General Jonna's Legions took position near Cheydinhal. On the 30th of Rain's Hand, 4E 175, the Battle of the Red Ring began, during which General Jonna and her Legions crossed the Niben in a two-day assault, in an attempt to link up with General Decianus' Legions and surround the Imperial City.[6] In 4E 189, Cheydinhal erupted into violence and in 4E 191 there's record of a bandit killing a Dark Brotherhood assassin on the streets.[7] Some years prior to 4E 200, Cheydinhal fell, wether it fell from bandit rule back to Imperial rule or from Imperial rule to bandit rule, is unknown.[7] However, in 4E 201, Elgrim asked Ingun Black-Briar to send a letter to Rythe Lythandas for a new dose of painted troll fat this implies that, as of 4E 201, Cheydinhal is a functioning city again.[8]


By gameEdit



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