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For other uses, see Cheydinhal.

Cheydinhal is a town located in the northeastern part of the province of Cyrodiil.


During the Three Banners War, the city is divided into two sections, marked by the river flowing through the center of the city. The east section is controlled by the Ebonheart Pact and the rebels who are allied with the Pact. The west section is controlled by the Imperial Army. Both sides are fighting for control of city. The leaders of the rebellion are Vyctoria Girien and Sylvian Herius.

By default, the guards patrolling the town are Pact guards, but that may change if the Covenant or Aldmeri Dominion control the nearby Farragut Keep.




  • Completing all 10 quests begun in Cheydinhal will earn the "Cheydinhal Adventurer" achievement, which counts towards the "Cyrodiil Adventurer" and "Hero of Tamriel" achievements.
  • Dialogue with citizens on the Imperial side of Cheydinhal say that the Imperial Soldiers see anybody new in town as an enemy.


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