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Cheydinhal Fighters Guild is the local Fighters Guild located in Cheydinhal, near the Cheydinhal Mages Guild.


This guildhall is led by Burz gro-Khash, who will give quests to the Hero as the Fighters Guild is progressed through. Ohtimbar, Keld of the Isles, and a Fighters Guild Porter also reside in this guildhall.


This building's interior is actually smaller than it looks from the outside. It is divided into three main areas: Ground floor, basement, and second floor. The ground floor simply consists of a small lobby area with a dining area.

The Porter is usually the only one on the ground floor. Burz can usually be found on the second floor, which has a seating area as well as a bedroom with three beds, only two of which are used. The basement consists of the standard Fighters Guild training area.


Burz gives the following quests in order:

  1. The Desolate Mine
  2. Amelion's Debt
  3. The Fugitives
  4. The Noble's Daughter
  5. Mystery at Harlun's Watch


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