"The guild is still powerful in Cyrodiil, but poor decisions in the recent past have weakened it. Perhaps killed it. We shall see."

MG Cheydinhal quote

The Cheydinhal Mages Guild, located in Cheydinhal, serves as the city's guildhall for the Mages Guild. A well sits behind the guild.


First floor and upstairsEdit

Entering into the first floor where there are two rooms with alchemy items, Alembics are being sold. Up he stairs are some small areas for recreation and upstairs is a living area with beds, bookshelves, drawers and barrels with various items and books. In front of the large fireplace is a table with some potions on it.

Mages Guild BasementEdit

The basement is the living quarters of most of the mages and consists of two bedrooms and a living area. Several chests with personal items or potions can be found. Cupboards and drawers with clothing items and a bookshelf with various books.

Guild membersEdit



This section contains bugs related to Cheydinhal Mages Guild. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  360   PS3   The counter that Eilonwy stands behind to sell her goods is capable of respawning two novice apparatuses (every 24 hours or so) after the originals have been removed from inside it and resold to her (and only her). It is a constant source of 75-100 GoldIcon depending on your current level of Haggling selected for her, and as long as you continue to sell them to her they will continue to re-spawn in the counter.
  •  PC   Occasionally, and for no apparent reason, the sounds of running water will be present in the basement near the stairs leading to the ground floor. The sounds have no obvious source. (Experienced after entering and exiting the well behind the guild hall.)