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Basic Info
Level 1
Health-icon 5
MagickaIcon 0
Stamina 25
DamageIcon 2
ArmorIcon 0
Resistance none
Soul Size Petty
Base ID 000A91A0

Chickens are domesticated animals found throughout Skyrim. They are most commonly found in villages or on farms, where they provide eggs and meat. There are consequences for killing a chicken - even though the bounty is as low as 45 GoldIcon, the townsfolk will attempt to kill the violator if they get the chance. The chicken has a damage of two, making it the weakest creature in the game.



  • After purchasing Honeyside in Riften, the Dragonborn can buy a garden upgrade which gives them two chickens. These two don't appear to lay any eggs, preferring instead to simply wander around outside. Killing them won't give any bounty, but Iona may attack on sight.
  • With Hearthfire installed, each new home constructed may have up to three chickens, which do lay eggs (chickens cost 25 GoldIcon each). The purchase must be arranged by the estate's Steward and there must be an animal pen there.
  • If no other body is available, dead chickens may be brought back to life by hostile necromancers, and Serana, if she's following the Dragonborn.
  • If three chickens are owned in Hearthfire, they will most likely die. The odds are that dragons, trolls, giants or bandits will kill them. The Dragonborn cannot buy more than three, making them quite worthless. The chickens respawn after 20 days of not entering the area.
  • Pushing a wooden cart over a chicken will kill it without it being looked at as a crime. The Dragonborn is still able to loot the chicken afterward without earning a bounty.


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