Chief Abzug is an Orsimer chief of the Morkul Clan residing in the Chief Abzug's Longhouse in Morkul Stronghold, Wrothgar.


In the Name of the KingEdit


Show: In the Name of the King

"I know you. You're one of those outsiders that Kurog brought to our land. I heard you've dome some amazing feats, but I'd rather you didn't linger in my stronghold."

King Kurog requests your presence at the Great Moot. "Sorry, but I have problems of my own right now. As long as my forge-wife is miserable, I can't deal with anything else. I wonder. Does "King" Kurog have a solution for volatile family disputes? I'd definitely listen to him speak on that topic!"
If I assist your forge-wife with her problem, will you agree to attend the moot? "If you're brave enough, talk to Lazghal and do whatever she asks. If you can finally get her to stop yelling at me, I'll go and listen to whatever Kurog wants to say."