Chief Archivist Sergianus is an Imperial scholar. He got trapped in the Arboretum while searching for an important book.


Knowledge is PowerEdit


Knowledge is PowerEdit

"Thank the Eight, you've made it. Barely got past the Daedra myself, but this place seem safe enough for now."

What is this book anyway? "It's called “The Sublime Brazier,” written by a Moth Priest just a few years after St. Alessia passed. Of course, this is just a copy of the original text, which was damaged during the Colovian secession in the twenty-fourth century..."
Why would the Daedra want it? "Oh, right. I'm sorry. Your guess is as good as mine. When they came to the library looking for it, it was all I could do to garble the text with a distortion spell before they got through the door. But now with the ciphers, I can undo the spell."
You mean you don't know what's in it? "Here now! I'm an archivist, not a... Look, all I know is it has something to do with the Dragonfires. I didn't have time to read more before I had to cast the spell. Are you ready to help me translate it?"
I'm ready.