Not to be confused with Balzag gro-Grumush.

Chief Bazrag gro-Fharun is the Orcish chief of Clan Fharun, residing in Fharun Stronghold. He is a devout worshiper of Malacath, and was once a close friend of King Kurog.[1]


In his youth, Bazrag was known as "Bazrag the Butcher,"[2] and was a close friend of Kurog gro-Bagrakh.[1] He accompanied him, Bumnog, and Bizra during their travels throughout Tamriel.[3] They joined a mercenary group known as Gaspard's Stalkers sometime prior to 2E 566.[4] Bazrag later became the chief of Clan Fharun and married Ulsha.


Invitation to OrsiniumEdit

While on patrol, Bazrog and his soldiers saw a supply caravan being ambushed by the Winterborn. However, before they could reach the wagons, supplies and Orsimer peasants were already gone.

After the Vestige helps with the rescue of the remaining survivors and finds the note To Warlord Ice-Heart, Bazrag can be found halfway to Orsinium, standing with Eveli Sharp-Arrow and Talviah Aliaria.

For King and GloryEdit

Bazrag will be at King Kurog's exchange with the opposing clan chiefs.

To Save a ChiefEdit

Save Chief Bazrag from the Vosh Rakh occupying Fharun Stronghold.

The Anger of a KingEdit

Speak to Bazrag at The Greedy Gut.

The King's GambitEdit

Eveli and Bazrag must be rescued from the jail in Scarp Keep.

Blood on a King's HandsEdit

Bazrag and Eveli will accompany the Vestige on the Path to the Moot. After Kurog is defeated, Bazrag will stay behind to mourn him.

Long Live the KingEdit

Attend King Kurog's funeral and Bazrag's crowning as the new king of Orsinium. After the funeral, Bazrag will be found inside Scarp Keep and is then-on known as King Bazrag.


Show: Invitation to Orsinium

"You're the outsider who leaped into the bear's den to fight the Winterborn? Ulsha and the Wood Elf mentioned you. Surprised you didn't end up all bruised and bloody like the rest of those fools. This is our home, not an amusement for your pleasure!"

I saved your people. "And I appreciate that. Doesn't change the fact that I despise that you're here, though, sticking your nose in our business."
I was invited …. "Ah, yes, the king's invitation. And what a royal bag of snakes that is! Look, you have my thanks for saving those people. And, as much as I hate it, I owe you a favor. But right now I need to determine where they took the stolen supplies."
Maybe this note will help you find the supplies. "Let me see that. We've been betrayed! And for gold, no less! By Malacath, I'll make sure someone pays for this. Look, I need to protect the next caravan to come through the Merchant's Gate. If you truly want to help Wrothgar, then you will help me."
What do you want me to do? "This note indicated that the traitor has interest in the city. I want you to track down this traitor and find our stolen shipments. The fastest way to get on my good side—and on Kurog's—is to expose the traitor and recover our supplies."
I'll go to Orsinium and see what I can learn. "I suggest you start your search in the inn. Gold and dark dealings often go hand in hand with drinking and celebrating. Don't disappoint me. I hate putting my trust in outsiders. Do everyone a favor and prove me wrong."
What are you the chief of? "I'm the chief of the Fharun clan, one of the oldest and strongest clans in all of Wrothgar. Kurog makes it sound like tradition is a bad thing, but by Malacath's broken tooth, traditions is the lifeblood of Orc culture. It's who we are!"
That's why you're giving me so much grief? "You're a long way from home and sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. That's a good way to get it cut off, at least in my stronghold. Still, Malacath would call me a fool if I turned down help when it was freely offered."
Why would someone betray the Orc clans? "Unfortunately, not even Orcs are immune to greed. War provides too many opportunities for those willing to trade in lives and suffering. Gold! It turns brother against brother. We were better off when we bartered for everything we needed."
What should I look for in the city? "Look for anything that would link this traitor to the note you found. Someone with a lot of gold to spend would be a good start. Then there are the Khajiiti traders that were mentioned. How many of the car-people could there be in Orsinium?"
Show: For King and Glory

"I may be grateful for the help you provided me earlier, but you aren't one of us. For your own good, stay out of this. Kurog will be the death of you, mark my words."

Show: To Save a Chief

"You again? If I didn't know any better, I'd think you liked me. So Kurog's pet shows up again. Are you here to make sure I'm still a prisoner, or has he sent you to cut my throat? Come on, what are you waiting for? Just kill me and get it over with! Or don't you have the guts for that kind of work?"

You're the chief who got captured? "Kurog sent you to kill the captured chief, but he didn't tell you it was me? Ha! How typical! Well, the damn cultists couldn't kill me, the prison escapees couldn't kill me, and neither can you!"
High Priestess Solgra sent me, not Kurog. "The Trinimac priestess? She's just like the idiots who attacked my stronghold and threw me down here. They released my prisoners and made a game out of letting them torture us. But the joke's on them. I'm still alive!"
Why should I rescue you after what you did at the Orsinium temple? "What are you talking about? After I left Orsinium, I returned here just in time to watch the Vosh Rakh overwhelm my stronghold. I've been a prisoner in my own dungeon ever since! Definitely didn't have time to do anything at the temple."
The fanatics kept shouting your name as they attacked. "That's nice. I have adoring admirers. But I had nothing to do with them or the temple. Now do you want to chat or do you want to get out of here? My arm's hurt, so climbing up the well is right out. We need to find another exit."
Sounds like you've got a suggestion. "I do, indeed. But the prison defenses are still active. That's going to make getting out of here a bit tricky. Lucky for you, I'm here."
All right, let's go find the exit. "First we need to get to the Chamber of Scorn, where we keep the dangerous prisoners."

If spoken to again:

"The Chamber of Scorn is defended by a mechanism that releases poison gas. We can deal with that, but the solution is rather complex. I employed the best engineers gold could buy, after all. I'll explain what we need to do once we get inside."

Why does Fharun Stronghold have a prison? "What? You think Malacath's Code only allows for death or exile? Sometimes you want individuals to pay for their crimes, but you also want to keep them around, just in case. Besides, running a prison turned out to be a lucrative business."
Lucrative? How so? "Any clan that wants us to take in an undesirable pays us gold for the privilege. And, as I'm sure you noticed, we have a lot of undesirables down here. But we can discuss this in more detail later, after we get out of here."

Bazrag and the Vestige then enter the Chamber of Scorn:

"Damn grates! I forgot about them. Blast that engineer and his damn grates! So, just so you know, if we don't do this exactly right, we're both going to die. No pressure or anything, but I wanted you to know what we're dealing with here."

What do we need to do? "I need to turn the manual override switches in the correct order to open the gate to the next chamber. But this is the Chamber of Scorn. It was designed to hold our most dangerous inmates, so it won't be that simple."
It never is. What else is going to happen? "As soon as I start the process, poison will begin filling the room and those cell doors are going to swing open. I'll try to be quick, but with an injured arm, I can only work so fast. Just keep the prisoners away from me and stay out of the gas."
An engineer gave an elixir to drink. Said it would help with the poison. "You met Frilan? Ha, I knew they couldn't kill that damn Breton. The man is a genius! Glad you took his advice. That potion might save your life. You still need to keep the prisoners off my arse so I can open the gate though."
I'm ready when you are.

Immediately afterwards, Chief Bazrag will begin turning the levers in the Chamber:


At the spike room:

"Welcome to the spike room. I'd brag about the craftsmanship if we weren't trapped down here. See those valves on the wall? I need you to turn all three of them. Just watch out for the spikes."

I just need to turn the three valves? "Well, not exactly. Those expensive engineers I hired built in override timers on the locks. If you don't close the valves fast enough, the trap resets. We built it to hamper escape attempts, remember? It's not supposed to be easy."
Turn the valves quickly. Anything else? "Just watch out for those spikes. They're reinforced metal sharpened to razor points. And they might be coated with poison. Depends on when the last maintenace tasks were performed. Get skewered by a couple of those spikes and it's so long horker!"
Your engineer mentioned a fourth valve that disables the reset mechanism? "Clever bastard! That must be the valve near the exit gate. If I'd known, I would have had it removed. Circumvention measures can lead to a breakdown of the entire prison system! But as long as it's there, we might as well take advantage of it."

If spoken to again before traversing the spike traps:

"As soon as you turn that valve, that timer for the lock reset is going to start. Keep that in your head. There's a pattern, though. It changes daily, but if [sic] [Do not change this to if you. This missing word is how it officially appears.] take your time and watch carefully, you should be able to figure out the current pattern."

Upon solving the trap conundrum, Bazrag will comment:


If spoken to after solving the spike trap:

"That wasn't so bad. We're almost out of here. I guess once we get outside, my fate will be in your hands. At least I won't be trapped in my own prison any more."

Upon exiting the prison into the stronghold, Bazrag will comment:


And then subsequently be spoken to:

"I refuse to leave one prison just to enter another. If you plan to take me to Kurog, forget about it. I'd rather die here, with my clan, then have to see Kurog's gloating face again."

I'm not taking you to Kurog. "Damn right you're not! Make a move and I'll cut you. Just a flick of my wrist and your guts will decorate the floor. Now tell me why Solgra sent you. What kind of game is Kurog playing this time?"
Your arm ….? "My arm is fine! But I couldn't get out of the prison on my own, so killing you down there wasn't an option. Now I'll ask again. Why are you here? Why did Solgra send you to help me?"
She didn't want the Vosh Rakh to kill you in Trinimac's name. "Now I understand! Kurog wants to save face. Can't have a rival chief die at the hands of fanatics who worship the same god as our so-called king. Now I see where Kurog's priorities lie."
Isn't he trying to unite your people? You could help him. "Me? Help Kurog? Where was our so-called king when my clan was at the mercy of the Vosh Rakh? Where was he when my people were dying or being forced to join this cult against their will?"
Is that why you attacked the temple? "How many times do I have to tell you? I had nothing to do with that! You want to know the truth? Find Ulsha. I sent her away during the attack. She's camped outside Fharun. She'll tell you everything you need to know."

During this conversation, Eveli Sharp-Arrow will demand to lower Bazrag's weapon:


If spoken to again at this point:

"Something isn't right in all this. I hope you can see that. In any case, just kill me or let me go, because I'm not letting you turn me over to Kurog."

After speaking with Eveli, she and Bazrag speak a bit more:


If spoken to again at this point:

"You saved my life, so I'll go along with this nonsense. For now. Just find Ulsha. She'll prove I had nothing to do with the attack on the temple. But if this is a trick, there's nowhere in Oblivion where you'll be able to hide from my wrath."

Show: The Anger of a King
If spoken to before speaking with Solgra:

"Who would have thought that Solgra would help me? After all I said about her? Well, I was wrong. Even if she does worship a false god, she still cares about the people. I can respect that."

If spoken to before speaking with Eveli:

"The Vosh Rakh practically bragged about their plan as they tossed me in that cell. They said it was going to be big and bold and really show the world what Trinimac is all about. They didn't tell me any details, but I think it involves the moot."

If spoken to after speaking with Eveli:

"I have a feeling that the Wood Elf isn't the only one around here who's been lied to. Hurry back. I don't think we have a lot of time before the Vosh Rakh make their move."

Show: The King's Gambit

"We have to stop meeting like this. Maybe next time I could rescue you, what do you say? What in Malacath's name is Kurog up to, I wonder? This is brash, even for him."

Kurog is working with the Vosh Rakh. "You better not be pulling my tusk, outsider. I've known Kurog for a long time. We may disagree on certain issues, but he's always had the best interests of our people in mind. This makes no sense!"
He's using the moot as a trap. He's going to eliminate the clan chiefs who oppose him. "Then there isn't any time to waste. Give me the key and head for the throne room. There's a passage in there that will lead you directly to the moot. I'll get Eveli to safety and try to gather some additional help."
Additional help? "There are still some people here in the city that I can count on. Now do whatever you have to and get to the moot. If you run into any problems, find me outside the keep and we'll figure something out."
"Get moving! The throne room is upstairs, remember? Once Eveli and I get out of here, we'll try to rally some additional help. You can find us outside if you run into any problems." (New greeting.)

"I had a feeling I'd find you here. Kurog sealed the route to the moot, didn't he? Damn it! Most of my contacts have gone deep into hiding and we're no closer to saving the chiefs than we were when I scraped you off the floor of the keep!"

I found this note in the throne room. "Let me see that ... You can get to the moot through the temple? I had no idea that path even existed! But they sent soldiers after Solgra. That's bad. We need a new plan and we need it now."
Any ideas? "You go ahead to the temple and check on the high priestess. Eveli and I have one more place where we can look for some help. If we're successful, it might make the path to the moot slightly less complicated."
Just be careful. The soldiers and guards are still looking for the both of you. "I'm well aware of that! I'm counting on the start of the moot to keep them distracted, but we won't take any unnecessary chances. We need Solgra alive to tell her side of the story. Then we can get to the moot and save the chiefs"
I'll try to make this quick then. "You've done more for me and my people than I could have ever expected. I appreciate that. It shows you have honor. Now get to the temple and make sure the high priestess is all right. We need her alive!"
Show: Blood on a King's Hands
Show: Long Live the King


Blood on a King's Hands

King Kurog: "Silence, chiefs! Your constant bickering has plagued our people for long enough!"
Chief Bazrag: "Kurog's belittling the chiefs. They won't stand for that."
King Kurog: "You isolate yourselves in your own strongholds, perpetuating our selfish nature. We must change who and what we are!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Kurog's got a point. We're still going to kill the bastard, right."
King Kurog: "I tried to appeal to you as equals, but you refused to listen. I grow tired of arguing with you."
Forge-Mother Alga: "The king cares for our people and all you do is break his heart."
Chief Bazrag: "Wonderful. The murderous king and his lunatic mother. This will be interesting.
We're getting close. Be ready for anything."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Sounds like the time I walked in on an Imga courting ritual!"
King Kurog: "The choice is simple. Kneel before me as your king and ruler of the united Orsimer nation―or die!"
Chief Bazrag: "We need to move faster. Kurog's about to start slaughtering the chiefs!
Once we get inside, find Kurog and take him down. We need to save as many chiefs as we can.
There's still time if we move fast. We need to open this gate."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "There's no lever. They must have shut it from the other side."
Chief Bazrag: "Stand aside and let me work! Get ready to pull those people out of there!"
King Kurog: "You leave me no choice. I'll unite the clans over your dead bodies!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "But don't worry. Trinimac is waiting for you on the other side."
King Kurog: "Archers, eliminate the clan chiefs!"
Chief Ramash: "We've been betrayed! Defend yourselves!"
King Kurog: "And now the last guest has arrived. I'm going to make you pay for your disloyalty."
Chief Bazrag: "Clan chiefs, over here! Arrgh! Hurry, this gate is ... heavier than it looks."
Eveli-Sharp Arrow: "I'll go back and help Chief Bazrag. Don't get yourself killed without me!"
King Kurog: "As impressive as always, but it doesn't matter. My soldiers are already moving to block the tunnels.
But even impressive criminals must pay for their crimes. I'm going to deal with you―personally!
Bow before the king of the Orsimer!"





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