"How dare you? Do you think you can best me in fair combat? Do you?"
―Chief Bolazgar to Kurog[src]

Chief Bolazgar gro-Bagrakh was the leader of Clan Bagrakh during the early sixth century of the Second Era.[1]


Bolazgar was said to have been the chief of Clan Bagrakh for quite some time, as he'd grown old, weak, and obese in his lengthy reign.[1]

A few years prior to King Ranser's War in 2E 566, Kurog gro-Bagrakh returned to the clan Bagrakh settlement in Wrothgar. When he arrived, Bolazgar was with four honor guards and asked Kurog if he'd come to grovel and beg for his forgiveness. Bolazgar, shaking with rage, questioned Kurog if he truly believed he could beat him in fair combat.[1]

Kurog taunted the chief saying that he'd grown fat in weak in his time away, and that he'd instead been fighting wars in distant lands. Enraged by Kurog's remarks, Bolazgar charged at him with a scream of pure rage. Kurog stood his ground and calmly unsheathed his sword, and countered Bolazgar's clumsy attack with a block, and than decapitated Bolazgar, killing him.[1]

Bolazgar's head bounced thrice off the ground before stopping at the boots of one of his honor guards, and Kurog succeeded him as chief of Clan Bagrakh.[1]



Chief of Clan Bagrakh
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