Chief Larak is an Orc and the chief of Mor Khazgur, the Orc Stronghold located West of Solitude. He has two wives, Bagrak and Shuftharz, and is the father of Borgakh the Steel Heart and Olur.


He became the leader by slaying his father in single combat because he was too old and weak to rule the tribe any longer. Larak hopes that one day his own son will challenge and defeat him when his time comes.

At one point, Larak was a member of the Imperial Legion.[1]

Being the Chief, he is the only Orc in Mor Khazgur and the nearby mine that is allowed to have wives and produce children. He is the most respected member in the Orc community.


If the Dragonborn is not an Orc, they can retrieve The Forgemaster's Fingers for the stronghold, and Chief Larak will name them blood-kin of the Orcs.

If the Dragonborn asks him for work, he will challenge them to a brawl with a bet of 100 GoldIcon.


He offers Master-level training in Block.



Larak: "The way you and your mother forge weapons is impressive."
Olur: "It's simple Orc smithing practice, my chief. Nothing that hasn't been passed down for years."
Larak: "I served in the Legion. Perhaps I'll show you some of their technique one of these days."


Sharamph: "Malacath is pleased with your strength, Larak."
Larak: "I am honored."


Larak: "Your muscles ripple when you work the forge. It's pleasing."
Shuftharz: "Thank you, my chief."


  • "I don't believe it. You found the Forgemaster's Fingers. You've impressed me, outlander. No one else has returned from this task before. By the Code of Malacath, I name you Blood-Kin to the Orcs. Let it be known among the strongholds that you are family, now."
  • "Your muscles ripple when you work the forge. It's pleasing."
  • "Welcome to our stronghold, Blood-Kin."