"Bah, go back to Kurog and leave a real clan chief in peace."
―Chief Ramash[src]

Ramash or Chief Ramash is an Orsimer chief of the Tumnosh Clan. He can be found in his bed, in the Tumnosh Longhouse in the Tumnosh Clanhold near the Graystone Quarry.

His wives are Forge-Wife Kharza and Hunt-Wife Bolgar. He has a daughter named Shabon.


In the Name of the KingEdit

Vestige is sent as a messenger to summon the Chief Ramash to the Great Moot. After Vestige meets the chief, he finds out that the Graystone Quarry is in disorder, and for as long as it remains so, Chief Ramash refuses to leave for the Orsinium.


Show: In the Name of the King

"Another outsider, here to perform tricks for the false king? Bah, go back to Kurog and leave a real clan chief in peace."

King Kurog requests your presence at the Great Moot. "So, you're a lap dog and a messenger? I have no time for Kurog's games, outsider. As long as my quarry remains in danger, my place is here with my clan."

If I solve your problem in the quarry, will you agree to attend the moot? "You think you can accomplish what me and my strongest warriors have been unable to do? Very well, outsider. Restore order in the Graystone Quarry and I will go and listen to Kurog's fancy words."