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Ashkhan Chodala, also known as Conoon Chodala, is a Dunmer ashlander who is the current Nerevarine incarnate and leader of the Urshilaku Tribe. He wields the divine staff Sunna'rah and leads the campaign to unite the Ashlander tribes in recognizing his position, also having allied himself with the Red Exiles. He is the brother of Seryn.


Chodala served Morrowind during the Second Akaviri Invasion campaigns against the Akaviri, going as far to seek out where the hid and kill the invaders. He became gulakhan of his people, eventually becoming the Ashkhan of the tribe. At some point he acquired Sunna'rah, which gives him great amounts of power, but has caused him to lose sight of his earlier morals and instead favor glory.


Divine DelusionsEdit

At Ald'ruhn, Seryn will ask you to meet her inside Chodala's tent. Inside, Chodala will be sitting on a throne with Sunna'rah, and Seryn will speak to him about his recent decisions:

Seryn: "The Wise Woman... I was hoping she'd be here."
Conoon Chodala: "You're too late, dear sister. Despite your protestations, the Wise Woman has gone to the Cavern of the Incarnate to confirm my claim."
Seryn: "Brother, do you really want to pursue this dangerous course."
Chodala: "There was a time when you gave me your unconditional support, Seryn. I miss those days."

Chodala will then get up, leave the tent, and speak to one of his lieutenants:

Chodala: "She won't refuse my claim. Just in case, make sure the Red Exiles are ready."
Gulakhan Yus-Zashten: "Your word is law, Nerevarine."

You have the option to speaking to him about his goals.

Divine InterventionEdit


Main Quest: Divine Delusions

"You helped my sister. Thank you for that. But you don't need to worry about the Red Exiles any more. They're under my control now. As for anything else, that's Ashlander business. There's no place for an Outlander here."

Are you plotting the downfall of Lord Vivec?
"Plotting? No, I'm confident that false god will fall. Azura has proclaimed this and I know it to be true. The Tribunal betrayed our hero and turned away from our religion. And they call us heretics. Bah!"

I understand you claim to be the Nerevarine.
"How overly simplistic the world must be in your eyes, Outlander. I am Nerevar reborn! I will lead my people to power and glory. The Wise Woman knows this. She will proclaim it when she returns. And no Tribunal lapdops can change that."
Seryn doesn't seem to agree with you.
"My sister is too naive and idealistic fir her own good. Look at the power I wield! Feel the conviction in my words! While the House Elves squabble and fight to carve up our land, the Nerevarine will step forth to end their tyranny once and for all!"