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Chorrol is a city in northwestern Cyrodiil in the depths of the Great Forest along the Black Road.

  • Chorrol circa 3E 433
  • Chorrol circa 2E 582


Chorrol has two gates on the northern and southern sides of the city. The castle is built on the east side of the town. The chapel is built on the western side of the city where the residents also reside. The shops and guilds are located on the road that goes through the city. In the center, the great oak is grown. The oak is major site in the city.


Second EraEdit

Main article: Chorrol (Online)

During the rule of Emperor Leovic, the city of Chorrol was ruled by Count Varen Aquilarios. When Leovic legalized Daedric worship, Aquilarios created an army from the Colovian Estates to rebel against the Longhouse Emperors[1].

Because of the Soulburst, Chorrol experienced a devastating fissure that splitted the town into two. It exposed, a lava stream underneath the city. Flame Atronachs flooded the city.

During the Alliance War, Chorrol was in shambles and lacked defenses. The city was located in what was Daggerfall Covenant Territory near Fort Rayles. Control of Chorrol was determined by whoever owned Fort Rayles.

Third EraEdit

Main article: Chorrol (Oblivion)

During the Oblivion Crisis, Chorrol allied itself along with the other cities in Cyrodiil to fight the Daedric forces at Siege of Bruma.

The Hero of Kvatch had allied with the Knights of the Nine. They were tasked to find the Gauntlets of the Crusader which was located in the Chapel of Stendarr.


By GameEdit



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