Chorrol Gate is a gate into the realm of Oblivion in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It is located south of the North Country Stables. The gate must be explored to recruit the Countess of Chorrol, Arriana Valga's, assistance during the main quest "Allies for Bruma."


This Oblivion gate must be closed as part of the quest "Allies for Bruma." It is the gate with the largest puzzle to complete. The puzzle cannot be avoided, and must be completed in order to remove the Sigil Stone and rid Chorrol of the Oblivion Gate. Additionally this realm is one of the four randomly chosen by the Fort Sutch gate, which must be closed for the side quest "Attack on Fort Sutch."


Inside the plane of Oblivion, the main tower can be seen directly ahead, with the sunken tower behind. There are mines scattered on the ground all across this plain, which should be avoided as they can explode and deal quite a considerable amount of damage to low level characters.



Local Map of the Chorrol Gate

Sunken TowerEdit

  • The Fume Vaults (#2)
  • The Embers of Hatred
  • Halls of Dark Hate


The towers are listed as they appear, clockwise from the gate entrance.

  • Eruption #3
  • Earthquake #4
  • Landslide #5
  • Tornado #6
  • Hurricane #7
  • Tsunami #8

Main Tower (#9)Edit

  • Portals of Natural Disaster
  • Rending Halls
  • Corridors of Dark Salvation
  • Sigillum Sanguis

Notable itemsEdit

The items are located at the top of the Sunken Tower, inside The Forbidden: