"Vvardenfell can be a dangerous place. Slavers, rocks falling from the sky, a mountain threatening to explode ... makes me wonder what I'm still doing here. But who would feed these people if I left? I don't want that on my conscience"

Chow-Chow is an Argonian chef residing in Seyda Neen on Vvardenfell. He is the owner of The Saucy Nix, and commonly serves Gushorg and Carwengil.


Breaking Through the FogEdit


  • "Today's selections got a little charred and I forgot to add spices. Plus, I grabbed my scale lotion instead of the butter, so you probably don't want to eat here today."
  • "House Redoran controls the west and House Telvanni holds sway over the east. Me, I'm the master of this cooking pot. Oh, what a sorry life this is!"