Chrysamere is a powerful claymore that has been owned by various individuals in The Elder Scrolls series.



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Chrysamere, a scribe in Alabaster, a port city in Elsweyr, found a clue related to the location of Chrysamere. The location was inscribed on a tablet somewhere in Elsweyr. The Eternal Champion found this tablet, and with its help, recovered Chrysamere from the province of Morrowind.


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Later on, the sword came to be in possession of the Hero of Daggerfall, after he slew an ancient lich during a mission for the Iliac Bay's Knights' Guild.


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The Nerevarine was asked by Varus Vantinius, the Knight of the Imperial Dragon in Vvardenfell, to bring him the sword from the sorceress, Draramu Hloran, who dwelt in Abanabi Cave. The Abanabi Cave can be found southwest of the city Sadrith Mora, Vvardenfell, Morrowind. In order for the Nerevarine to become a Knight of the Imperial Dragon in Vvardenfell, they had to fight Vatinius in a duel. After defeating Vatinius, the Nerevarine recovered Chrysamere and the Lord's Mail from his corpse.