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Chuna is a Golden Saint who resides in Cylarne on the Isle of Flame, in the northwestern part of Shivering Isles. She is the warden of the Altar of Rapture. Until the Hero makes his or her appearance, she stays in the same place all day and night.


She wears typical Golden Saint armor.


  • "So like a male. Too stupid to know when to cease his yapping."
  • "Would that I could exact satisfaction upon you for that insult. But I am honor-bound to guard the doors of Cylarne, and so I will stay my hand. For now."
  • "You are fortunate that my duty forbids me from satisfying my honor."
  • "You have great faith in my powers of forebearance. Do not test me further, mortal."
  • "Halt. Mortals are not permitted within the walls of holy Cylarne."


The Cold Flame of AgnonEdit

Sheogorath tasks the Hero with relighting the Great Torch, which has gone out since the Greymarch began. They must go to Cylarne to get the Flame of Agnon in order to relight the torch.