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Cindanwe is an Altmer savant who runs the huge Water Root Pod operation in Fellmoor on the west coast of Dementia.


She keeps a journal in which she writes down her thoughts. Her house is filled with useful ingredients. She is also a neat freak; when the Hero is tasked with messing up her house, she throws a fit when she sees the mess.


Everything In Its PlaceEdit

The settlement of Fellmoor is a strange place. This small farming plantation is home to murderers, madmen and obsessive compulsive farm hands. Fellmoor can be found by traveling south-east on Pinnacle Road. It is south-east of the Gates of Madness and on a small outlet into the Emeon Sea, just west of the main road.

There the Hero will find Kishashi, a female Khajiit, who talks about gaining Ranarr-Jo's trust.