"Want to buy a carpet? How about three? They aren't good for much else."

Cinder-Tail is a Khajiit first encountered at the Laughing Moons Plantation, where he trains senche-tigers in order to keep the plantation free of vermin.

He is later seen again at the Redfur Trading Post. He unknowingly bought stolen goods from the Hollow Moon, a gang of thieves established there. He was later detained by the guard when he got caught stealing moon-sugar.


A Pinch of SugarEdit

Some farmers need help getting rid of rats on the plantation. Cinder-Tail tells the Vestige that the Senche-Tigers ingested moon sugar and are now incapacitated, thus being unable exterminate the rats. He will suggest retrieving Thunderbug eggs and throwing them on the rat nests, which will destroy them.

Flipping the CoinEdit


"Want to buy a carpet? How about three? They aren't good for much else. Yes, Afeh, even you!"

What's wrong with your senche-tigers? "Do not eat the rats," this one says. Do they listen? No! Stupid senche. Lazy senche!"
Why can't they eat the rats? "They already did. That's the problem! Moon sugar makes you sleepy if you eat too much. Rats eat moon sugar, senche eat rats, and then? Lazy senche! Especially you, Gobani."
Can you get them moving again? "Not with sugarbellies. These useless senche could only kill a rat if they fell upon it. From a great height."
If the senche won't move, what will you do about the Thalmor inspectors? "Go inside, lock the doors, wait until they leave? No, let this one think. Without senche hunters, what could.... Thunderbugs... heh. No, it would never work."
What about thunderbugs? "Thunderbugs nest nearby. They defend their delicious eggs from anyone who'd make a meal of them, yes? If you grabbed an armload of eggs...."
Won't they try to protect their eggs? "Undoubtedly! But they'd hesitate to harm the eggs, once you possess them. Smash an egg into each rat nest, and the thunderbug's electric frenzy kills the rats before the inspectors arrive. You're sturdy, yes? A little shock won't stop you!"
All right. I'll see if it works. "Wonderful! Save some eggs for Cinder-Tail, yes? They are so very tasty!"