Cirantille is an Altmer author who resides in the city of Skywatch on Auridon, or later Orsinium. She is the author of several books, mainly on the discussion topic of the many races of Tamriel.




  • "I tell you, my fair readers, no other race on Tamriel chills me as much as the Argonian. Those scaly beasts are uniquely suited for the warm temperatures of our beloved south. If any race would cast a dark eye on Auridon, it would be the Argonian."
  • "Some of you may wonder what I've learned since meeting the elder Spinners of Silvenar, and you need not worry. My research has shown their "prophecies" to be nothing more than conjecture and finely spun lies!"
  • "As I pointed out in my bestselling tome, Ladies in Green, the Wood Elves are secretive in nature. Think on this the next time you see one tending to your most private letters."
  • "The Wood Elven spinners do have magical powers, it's true. But in my research for "Spinners of Y'ffre", I found that much of their insight actually stems from a pervasive... some might say insidious... intelligence network."
  • "Please, no autographs. I'm quite busy writing another valuable treatise. Hmm, well. I suppose my autograph would be important, too. Still, I am otherwise occupied." (The Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium)