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Golden Touch (Achievement) Circlet of Verdure
Circlet of Verdure
Weight 0.1 WeightIcon
Value 2060 GoldIcon
FormID Varies by character level (see table)

The Circlet of Verdure is a leveled ring with two Fortify and two Resist effects.


The ring is given to the Hero by Sickly Bernice as a reward for getting her the Aquanostrum in the quest A Liquid Solution.


Jewlery Level GoldIcon WeightIcon Enchantments Item ID
1-4 2060 0.1 Fortify Attribute: Endurance 2 pts
Fortify Health 10 pts
Resist Disease 10%
Resist Poison 10%
5-9 3310 0.1 Fortify Attribute: Endurance 4 pts
Fortify Health 15 pts
Resist Disease 20%
Resist Poison 20%
10-14 4560 0.1 Fortify Attribute: Endurance 6 pts
Fortify Health 20 pts
Resist Disease 30%
Resist Poison 30%
15-9 5810 0.1 Fortify Attribute: Endurance 8 pts
Fortify Health 25 pts
Resist Disease 40%
Resist Poison 40%
20-24 7060 0.1 Fortify Attribute: Endurance 10 pts
Fortify Health 30 pts
Resist Disease 50%
Resist Poison 50%
25+ 8310 0.1 Fortify Attribute: Endurance 12 pts
Fortify Health 35 pts
Resist Disease 60%
Resist Poison 60%


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