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Circlets are crowns that can be found in the apparel section of the inventory.


Circlets can be found as random loot in dungeons or bought from general goods merchants. Characters that can be seen wearing circlets include most Jarls of Skyrim, with the exceptions of Ulfric Stormcloak and Idgrod Ravencrone. Unlike most other jewelry, circlets cannot be crafted at blacksmith forges.



Name ArmorArmorIcon Weight WeightIcon Base Value GoldIcon
Copper and Moonstone Circlet 0 2 100
Copper and Onyx Circlet 0 2 50
Copper and Ruby Circlet 0 2 150
Copper and Sapphire Circlet 0 2 200
Gold and Emerald Circlet 0 2 500
Gold and Ruby Circlet 0 2 450
Jade and Emerald Circlet 0 2 350
Jade and Sapphire Circlet 0 2 300
Silver and Moonstone Circlet 0 2 250
Silver and Sapphire Circlet 0 2 400


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