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Citizens are the inhabitant of a City, Town, and Villages. They can be found roaming the City, Town, and Village at daytime (from 6.00 in the morning until 6.00 in the evening), and in their houses at night (from 6.00 in the evening until 6.00 in the morning).


Citizens may be asked about the news around the area and also the location of shops, inns, guild buildings, and the Palace inside the area in which the Eternal Champion is currently located.


Citizens have randomized occupations. Each one of them will tell of their occupation if they are asked, the following are some of the known occupations they will claim to have:

  • Squire
  • Guildmaster
  • Bodyguard
  • Interpreter
  • City-State Mercenary
  • City-State Fieldhand
  • Cook
  • Thief
  • Typical Nomad
  • Typical poet


Female  Male Female (Winter) Male (Winter)


High Rock



High Rock female no-Winter
High Rock Male No-Winter
High Rock female Winter
High Rock Male Winter
Morrowind Female No-Winter
Morrowind Male No-Winter
Morrowind Female Winter
Morrowind Male Winter
Hammerfell Female No-Winter
Hammerfell Male No-Winter
Hammerfell Female Winter
Hammerfell Male Winter
Black Marsh
Black Marsh Female No-Winter
Black Marsh Male No-Winter
Black Marsh Female Winter
Black Marsh Male Winter
Summerset Isles
Summerset Isle Female No-Winter
Summerset Isle Male No-Winter
Summerset Isle Female Winter
Summerset Isle Male Winter


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