City Under Siege is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Covenant forces have scaled the walls of Davon's Watch. Now they're threatening to take the city from within its walls. Tanval's ritual may be our only hope to end the assault.

The Vestige must enter the tomb complex again. The door into the tomb is across the courtyard from Davon's Watch Headquarters.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the Tomb
  2. Find Tanval Indoril
  3. Defend Tanval Indoril
  4. Investigate Covenant Camp
  5. Enter Davon's Watch
  6. Talk to Tanval Indoril


Go to House Indoril Crypt and fight off the skeletal enemies inside. Enter the House Indoril Inner Crypt and find Tanval Indoril. He will be in the large room at the end, standing beside his son Garyn Indoril, and Holgunn.

Tanval will quickly summon a Balreth to fight off the Covenant soldiers who are attacking Davon's Watch. While doing so, you must protect him against various generic Covenant soldiers such as Covenant Pyromancers, who will continue to spawn until the Balreth has been summoned. After summoning the Balreth, it will exit the crypt through a hole in the ceiling and Tanval will open a portal to a Covenant ship just off the coast of the city, where you can watch the Balreth defeat the remaining Covenant forces such as Covenant Captains.

Afterwards, head back to the city and speak to Tanval. He will be in the lower part of the city, closer to the water, with a few citizens of Davon's Watch. He will then thank you for your help and give you your reward.