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Clannfear are saurian-like Daedra that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online. They are often summoned by Xivilai as Daedric servants outside Dark Anchors.

Behavior and appearanceEdit

The clannfear are aggressive Daedra, equipped with plated spikes along their spine, and a dangerous tri-tipped tail. They are quick, deadly enemies, with predatory and birdlike movements. Though the clannfear are brutish, they also have a sense of intelligence and cunning, working together to bring down tough foes. The grunts and snorts of a clannfear can be heard as it stands idle, searching for its next kill.


  • Charge: [1]
  • Headbutt: (Formerly Claw).[1]
  • Tail Spike [1]


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Defeating the Ancient Clannfear

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Soul Shriven in ColdharbourEdit

Several Clannfear guard the way toward the Towers of Eyes in The Wailing Prison, although most can be avoided.

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  • Clannfear no longer get stuck when attempting to charge near a cliff.[2]