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Classes are occupations or vocations used by NPCs and player characters. There are nine classes available in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey.



Assassins are deadly, quiet slayers. Their Lethal Strike can add considerable extra damage to a successful blow as an Assassin grows in experience.


Nordic blood runs through the veins of these fierce mountain warriors. When wounded, a Barbarian's Rage adds damage to every single attack.


Battlemages are masters of combat magic. Mystic Might increases the damage done by these casters, and they get a substantial Magicka bonus as well.


These noble warriors are able to use the heaviest weapons and armor with ease. Their Righteous Will allows them a chance to shrug off damage after an enemy has landed a blow.


Trickery and illusions give the Nightblades an edge in war. Their Night Magic increases their chance of casting a spell upon a target, and gives them some additional Magicka.


Brigand blood and harsh battles made these clever warriors terrible opponents. The Rogue's Dodge makes them a difficult target.


Members of the Spellsword class combine deadly bladesmanship with quick hitting magic. Precise Magic allows them to target foes more easily.


Sorcerors are powerful masters of all mystic crafts. Sorcery makes Sorcerers more resistant to magical attacks, and allows them a substantial amount of additional Magicka.


Stealthy and crafty. Thief Lore makes them especially skilled at Lockpicking, Avoiding or Disarming traps, and acting stealthily.