"You must be Umbacano's new plaything. Well met! I am Claude Maric, another pawn in Umbacano's game."
―Claude Maric[src]

Claude Maric

Claude Maric is the only known treasure hunter besides the Hero in Umbacano's employ. He is an all-business Breton mercenary who doesn't care for much except money.

Maric can be found in the Roxey Inn. He has a Chameleon ring on and will be an invisible blur, but can still be engaged in conversation.


Nothing You Can PossessEdit

Umbacano has asked the Hero to retrieve a carved panel from an Ayleid site known only as the High Fane in his sources. He has given them a sketch which will help to identify this ruin, as well as one of the carving which he wants. Claude can be used if the Hero has difficulty finding Malada. After they find the item in Malada, Maric and three of his friends will attempt to take the item away from them.

Secrets of the AyleidsEdit

Lord Umbacano asks the Hero to retrieve the Crown of the Ayleids, the Crown of Nenalata from Herminia Cinna. Assuming Claude hasn't been killed, he will join the Hero as an ally when going through the ruin Nenalata.