"I have everything for the budding alchemist under one roof."
―Claudette Perrick[src]

Claudette Perrick quote

Claudette Perrick is the proprietor of The Gilded Carafe, an Alchemy shop in the Market District. She is an Expert in the Mercantile skill.


Unfriendly CompetitionEdit

The Hero is directed to Jensine of Jensine's "Good As New" Merchandise by several merchants in the Market District, including Ogier Georick of The Main Ingredient and Claudette Perrick of The Gilded Carafe.

Seeking Your RootsEdit

Harvesting a Nirnroot will begin this quest. Like all Alchemy vendors, she can point the Hero to Sinderion during this quest.


"I have everything for the budding alchemist under one roof. Far more than Thoronir would ever have, despite his horrid business ethics."

Imperial City "Also try my friend, Ogier Georick. The Main Ingredient, here in the District."


  • Should the Hero hang around the Imperial City, Market District late at night while spying on Thoronir, a mysterious scene will take place between Claudette and five members of the Imperial Watch. First, as Thoronir leaves his home, two Imperial members will run through the street and begin to attack Claudette. Despite her using Necromancy to defend against the soldiers, they eventually kill her. Shorty afterwards, three other soldiers join the battle, only for one of them to be killed. Interestingly, no reason or explanation is given for this scene, meaning that it is quite possibly a bug. However, the meeting between Thoronir and Agarmir will not commence until the Hero sees them standing in the courtyard.