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"So I wanted someone murdered! So I prayed to the Night Mother! What, is that a crime now? They even took my house, those bastards! Agghhh!"
―Claudius Arcadia[src]

Claudius Arcadia quote

Claudius Arcadia is an Imperial commoner who is a prisoner incarcerated at the Imperial Prison. Claudius contacted the Night Mother through the Black Sacrament and arranged the assassination of a man named Rufio[1] by the Dark Brotherhood; dialogue with Rufio implies this may have been in retaliation for his killing of an unspecified female during a struggle.

However, this was discovered, and he was arrested by the Imperial Watch. His house in the Talos Plaza District is currently being used as a base by the Legion.[2]


  • Claudius' Black Sacrament on Rufio can be fulfilled in the Dark Brotherhood quest "A Knife in the Dark."



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