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Cleansing the Stones

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Cleansing the Stones
Quest Giver Storn Crag-Strider
Location Solstheim
Prerequisite The Fate of the Skaal
Next Quest The Path of Knowledge
Type Main Quest
Quest ID DLC2MQ03B

Cleansing the Stones is a quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.

After learning the Bend Will dragon shout from Saering's Watch and using the shout on the Wind Stone, the Dragonborn will be asked to cleanse the other four stones (Sun, Beast, Earth, and Water) to release them from Miraak's influence.


After I destroyed Miraak's control of the Wind Stone, Storn has asked me to free the remaining sacred Stones using my "Bend Will" Shout.


After speaking to Storn Crag-Strider, the Dragonborn can travel to the remaining four All-Maker Stones, located around Solstheim, and use the newly learned Bend Will shout on all of them. They will all be marked on the map. After shouting at each one, a Lurker will appear, attacking the Dragonborn and the people surrounding each stone.


As each stone is cleansed, access to its powers (powers of the All-Maker Stones) will be granted, namely:


Journal Entry
After I destroyed Miraak's control of the Wind Stone, Storn has asked me to free the remaining sacred Stones using my "Bend Will" Shout.
  • Objective: Cleanse the Water Stone
  • Objective: Cleanse the Earth Stone
  • Objective: Cleanse the Beast Stone
  • Objective: Cleanse the Sun Stone
I cleansed the sacred Stones that Miraak had corrupted. Solstheim is free of his influence except for the Tree Stone, which remains imprisoned inside his new Temple.
  • Quest complete


  • This quest can be completely skipped by obtaining the first word of Bend Will from Saering's Watch and shouting at the Wind Stone before meeting Frea at the Temple of Miraak. By doing so, Storn will mention the land is at peace and The Path of Knowledge will begin.
  • If Fanari Strong-Voice is killed while cleansing the first stone (the Wind Stone) with the Skaal villagers, the side-quests A New Source of Stalhrim (which allows the Dragonborn to smith Stalhrim weapons and armor) as well as Lost Legacy, won't happen. This is because these quests are triggered later when she has a conversation with Deor, and she is not around to have that conversation


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  • When using the Bend Will shout on the stones, those around the stone may walk away as if freed, but the arches may not crumble, no lurker will be spawned, and some of the inhabitants will still act as if under Miraak's influence.
    • This may be resolved by fast traveling away from the stone and then back after using the bend will shout on it.

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