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Clearspring Tarn is a clearing in Skyrim in The Rift. It is located to the southwest of Mistwatch, but cannot be reached from there due to a cliff face. There are two Hunters here hunting for deer. At the bottom of the spring is a chest with an apprentice lock.


Clearspring CaveEdit

Just below the clearing is a small path that leads to a cave. Within the cave is a leveled troll and a named bow with some random loot.

TESV Clearspring Cave


Notable itemsEdit

  • Bow of the Hunt on an altar at the rear of the cave.
  • Vernaccus and Bourlor – An Archery skill book – on the same altar as the bow
  • A chest next to the altar.
  • There is a skeleton floating in the water in the first room of the cave, where the troll is. Beneath the skeleton is a leveled Shield and Mace.
  • Outside the cave and above it there is a small pond, which contains a submerged chest.


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