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For the beverage in Skyrim, see Cliff Racer (Beverage).
Cliff Racer
Cliff Racer (Morrowind)
Basic Info
Level 4
Health-icon 456
MagickaIcon 20
Fatigue 400
Soul 20
Combat Skills 50
Magic Skills 90
Stealth Skills 20
DamageIcon 3 - 8
BaseID cliff racer
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Cliff Racers are creatures found on Vvardenfell.


The long-tailed cliff racer is an aggressive, dangerous flying creature with a large vertical sail along its spine. Racer plumes from the native bird-like cliff racer are used locally and throughout the Empire as decorations for garments and household goods.


Sometime near the end of the Third Era, the cliff-racers were driven out of Vvardenfell by Saint Jiub. However, they were not driven out of the rest of Morrowind, since Mjoll the Lioness remarks on how she used to hunt cliff-racers for sport with her father.

There are no Cliff Racers in Solstheim during the Fourth Era, likely showing that their numbers were reduced to manageable levels by Jiub.





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