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Clockwork City (Online)

Clockwork City during the Second Era

The Clockwork City, also known as Sotha Sil,[1] is a large underground city made by one of the Tribunal, Sotha Sil.


The Clockwork City was made by the god Sotha Sil and consisted of brass tunnels and large domes with Dwemer-like gears and architecture. The location of the Clockwork City is unknown but it is thought to be located in Morrowind's southern swamps.[1] Another source says that it is located underneath Ebonheart.[2] It is said that Sotha Sil hoped to "forge the future"[1] and "reshape the world" from the city.[3] After losing Sunder and Keening at Red Mountain, Sotha Sil retreated to the city and slowly became detached from the real world.[4]

In 3E 427 the goddess Almalexia, after being driven insane by the loss of the Heart of Lorkhan, traveled to the Clockwork City by using Barilzar's Mazed Band after tricking the Nerevarine into obtaining it from the Lich named Barilzar, and killed Sotha Sil. She then transported the creatures that lived in the city known as Fabricants to attack Mournhold in a plot to become the one true god of the Dunmer faith.[5] She told the Nerevarine that Sotha Sil had instigated the attack of Mournhold and sent the Nerevarine to the city to find and kill the supposed mad god. Almalexia hoped that the mechanical inhabitants of the city would kill the Nerevarine but the hero persevered and found the lifeless corpse of Sotha Sil. Almalexia then fought the Nerevarine in a duel to the death to which she was killed and the city was left uninhabited.[4]


The Clockwork City is home to the god Sotha Sil and mechanical creations called Fabricants and Imperfects.


The Clockwork City consists of domes and metal tunnels such as the Outer and Inner Flooded Halls; the Halls of Delirium, Theuda, Sallaemu and Mileitho; the Central Gearworks; the Chamber of Sohleh; and the Domes of Kasia, Serlyn, Udok, the Imperfect and Sotha Sil. Sotha Sil lived in the dome of Sotha Sil which was guarded by two Imperfects.

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