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Unnatural anchors blight the skies of Tamriel. Those learned in such matters know they herald the Planemeld, a Daedric plot of unfathomable darkness.

But in times when all hope seems lost, the Eight Divines provide. We can salvage our future by looking to the past. The Chancel of Divine Entreaty is our first bulwark against Molag Bal's devious plot!

The peculiar construction of this Ayleid ruin should be immediately apparent to a scholar of the Eight Divines. The symmetrical nature of its construction, the altar plate below the eight-tined arch, and the harmonic blending of tonal triptychs reveal the divine hand in its formation. Should one blow a large enough horn within the chancel's walls, its clarion call would be heard as far as Elden Root!

After extensive research, I believe this to be one piece of the long-rumored Octal Cage. There should be seven ruins identical to this scattered throughout Tamriel. Where, I do not know, but I shall locate them all. Then I will find the eight Hallowed Clarions mentioned in the apocryphal accounts of the Ayleid loss of Sancre Tor to Alessia.

A daunting task, but the Octal Cage was thought capable of sealing the Daedric Princes away from Nirn for good. Sounding a Hallowed Clarion in all eight ruins, all at the same time, may be enough to bring the Octal Cage to life.

I depart in the morning. If my task proves fruitless, so be it. We must all oppose the Harvester of Souls as best we can. Until then, any who calls the God of Schemes their enemy may avail themselves of my laboratory.


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