For other uses, see Clothier Survey.

The Clothier Survey: ​Malabal Tor is a Crafting Survey map that marks where a bountiful supply of fibrous plants can be found.


  • 6 Lush clothing resource nodes appropriate to your character's level.


This item is given as one of the possible rewards inside a Clothier's Satchel, received after completing a Clothier Writ.


  • The reward is located in western Malabal Tor. The closest wayshrine is the Dra'Bul Wayshrine.
  • Follow the road just south of the wayshine west toward Deepwoods.
  • Take the path on your left down toward the lake before you reach Deepwoods and pass by Matthild's Last Venture on your left.
  • You'll find the clothing resources at the base of the waterfall on the other side of the small lake.