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For other uses, see Clothier Survey.

The ​​​Clothier Survey: Stormhaven is a Crafting Survey map that marks where a bountiful supply of fibrous plants can be found.


  • 3 Lush Flax Plants, yielding 10-12 Raw Flax each.
  • 1 Lush Cotton Plant, yielding 10-12 Raw Cotton.
  • 2 Furrier's Traps, yielding 14-16 Hide Scraps each.


This item is given to the Vestige as one of the possible rewards inside a Clothier's Satchel II, received after completing a Clothier Writ.


  • The reward is located in the northwest of Stormhaven. It is advisable to start from Alcaire Castle Wayshrine.
  • Take the small path heading west and then turn left.
  • Continue by the road that goes south until reaching Windridge Warehouse.
  • Locate the fallen wagon in front of the warehouse.
  • Stand on top of the wagon and from there, start walking to the east in straight line.
  • The materials will be scattered around a small tree, next to the stone formation.



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